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Zinc is an equal opportunity employer.   We are always looking to hire qualified individuals.

Our requirements for all positions start with team spirited individuals.

We look for thoughtful, kind, and communicative individuals that possess a great work ethic that centers around supporting co-workers, respecting the values of the business, it's product, and it's customers.  

Specific job titles we regularly hire for are:

Kitchen Work Food Preparation
Customer Service Servers
Food Runners
Bartenders (LA only)
Bar Backs (LA only)
Management Assistant Managers
Shift Supervisors
Kitchen Assistant Managers


Below is our mission statement and is what we refer to when making hiring decisions. Please read this statement prior to applying:

Zinc is a business that provides our employees and customers a sense of place.  Zinc has a beating heart.  It is designed for people to connect to each other and to the community in which they live.

Zinc provides through aesthetics, food and emotions a special landscape for our customers to gather.  Zinc is a retreat for our employees and customers.  It provides a resting spot for regaining and sustaining our strengths, emotions and values through a caring, nurturing, thoughtful and artistic environment.

Great food, thoughtful people and a beautiful environment is what Zinc strives for every day of its life.

You can apply for any of our open positions here!